Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tito and the Birds / Tito e os Pássaros - Movie Review

The Movie: Tito and the Birds / Tito e os Pássaros

The Director: Gustavo Steinberg, Gabriel Bitar, André Catoto

Principal Voice Cast (Portugese): Matheus Nachtergaele, Denise Fraga, Mateus Solano, Otávio Augusto, Pedro Henrique

The Story: A socially relevant film and tells a timely tale of a marvelous dystopian adventure of heroic children battling a culture of fear that is infecting their world.

The Review:
Tito and the Birds was such a fun film to watch, I didn't even mind the heavy political and societal messaging that is embedded throughout the story. At it's core, it is a very sweet movie that has a big heart and a childlike sense of viewing the world which is all a very interesting contrast to the dark themes of propaganda, classism, and oppression. This is definitely adding a teaspoon of sugar to help the medicine go down but these are all very important messages that need to be shown in the way they are presented here.

The animation has a very unique style and the artists employ several different techniques including oil based paints and digital animation as story telling devices which all works together beautifully. The world that is brought to life for the movie is dark and dingy which is a direct reflection of Brazil itself which is where this story originates from and the parallels to what is really happening there are unfortunately much more than metaphor. That being said, the story is accessible for anyone no matter the age and it has that classic fairy tale quality that gives birth to an unlikely hero from dark and dire circumstances.

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