Thursday, September 1, 2016

Spaghettiman (PDXFF 2016) - Movie Review

In a world where defective microwaves can give normal people strange, food based powers, Spaghettiman bursts onto the scene with an outrageously comedic take on the super hero genre. The film, an official selection of the 2016 Portland Film Festival, was directed by Mark Potts and stars Ben Crutcher, Winston Carter, Brand Rackley, and Jo LoCicero.

The Review:
When you sit down to watch a movie like this, there is a certain expectation level that might go something like "I just hope it doesn't suck" because the premise is dangerously close to being just too ridiculous for its own good. When it's over, you're either like "Oh man, what just happened? Did I just watch that?" or sometimes you're like "Oh man! What just happened?! That was crazy!" I would have to say that this movie managed to actually get both of those reactions out of me which I suppose is an achievement in and of itself. The beginning starts off in a really fun way and the jokes come at you in a rapid fire manner that will have you laughing pretty much non stop.

Once everything settles in and more of the focus is given to telling a story, that's when things really slow down and I started to lose interest. I suppose when you have one primary gag to work with which is the main character being able to shoot spaghetti out of pretty much any part of his body, the hilarity can only get you so far. What keeps things from really falling off the rails is that the film makers really understand what they are working towards and are able to close things out with a strong finish. Things really kick back into high gear in the third act with a hilarious fight sequence that parodies just about everything from The Raid to The Karate Kid and we get a nice, clean finish that doesn't push things too far or get totally out of control.

The Verdict:
Spaghettiman is a fun film to watch although it might have been better served as a short film rather than as a full length feature. Still, there was more than enough comedy to keep things moving along and Ben Crutcher does a fine job in the title role as he creates what is most likely the strangest and most unique super hero around.

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