Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2015 Recap - Performances

2015 was filled with great acting performances from both festival films and mainstream releases so it was pretty difficult to narrow it down to what I considered to be the most entertaining out of the bunch. The crowd was filled with recognizable leading men and it was also nice to see so many strong roles for women, it looks like more and more are coming over the next several years. For now, let's take a look at my list of the most entertaining acting performances of 2015.

We're going to start off with my two favorite acting performances from all of the various film festivals I was able to attend. These two rose above the rest and really moved me in ways no one else could and their star power was unmistakably bright.

"Jamie Chung is just absolutely beautiful and fills the screen with so much personality."

"I really have to make a special mention of the two lead actors in the film, Mduduzi Mebaso and Lerato Mvelase."

Most Entertaining Performances of 2015

The Dynamic Duo Award
"You can really tell these guys had a blast making this movie and that sense of fun really comes through in the finished product."

"She does an absolutely brilliant job of portraying a thing that was built which may or may not have become a living being."

"We have seen him play so many different types of iconic characters and his take on Alejandro has to rank pretty high on the list."

"He pretty much owns the entire movie with his take on the man who literally changed Hollywood."

"Furiosa is simply the most bad ass female character we have seen on screen in some time."

"He does a great job of playing up the man's eccentricities while making sure you understand he is by far the smartest man in the room at any given time."

"She is going to thrive as the flagship hero of this franchise for years to come."

"Her character's struggles are a real key to having the audience buy in emotionally.'

"I really feel like Jake has taken huge leaps forward and become one of the best leading men in the business today."

"It's pretty obvious he gives everything to every moment of screen time that he has."

"Damon has the audience in the palm of his hand and he holds that grasp with the charm and charisma of a true movie star."

"Saoirse Ronan completely owns every scene she is in."

"He has the ability to pull you completely into the character."

"He is so good at totally transforming himself and comes out with a performance that you just can't take your eyes off of."

My Favorite Performances of 2015

"Joy is on screen for nearly every scene of the movie so Lawrence has to be on top of her game from beginning to end and she absolutely knocks it out of the park."

"With this role, Will Smith has delivered the performance of his career."

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