Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dirty Grandpa - Movie Review

Dirty Grandpa is a raunchy comedy starring Zac Efron, Robert De Niro, and Aubrey Plaza. De Niro plays Dick Kelly, an elderly man who has just lost his wife to cancer. Efron plays the straight laced, soon to be married grandson Jason who is asked to spend some quality time with the man he used to be close to as a kid but hasn't spent much time with for several years. Their trip takes a few unexpected turns and the pair end up surrounded by spring break parties where anything can and will happen.

The Review:
The title of this movie pretty much says it all. De Niro's character spends most of the movie thinking dirty thoughts, telling dirty jokes, and doing dirty things and there are really no surprises. Efron and De Niro have decent chemistry and they are each pretty funny in their roles. Aubrey Plaza is also pretty fantastic in this movie as she usually is. If you look at the poster or watch the trailer for Dirty Grandpa and feel like you will enjoy this movie, you are probably right. If you feel like it's not for you, it is also very likely that you are correct.


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