Saturday, April 25, 2015

While We're Young - Movie Review

While We're Young is an independent film written and directed by Noah Baumbach who has received acclaim for his collaborative work on Frances Ha with Greta Gerwig. The movie features a solid cast that includes Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, Amanda Seyfried, Charles Grodin, and Adam Horovitz.

The Story:
Josh and Cornelia (Stiller and Watts) are a middle aged couple struggling to come to terms with the trappings of adulthood while realizing they aren't in their 20's any more. At least until they meet Jamie and Darby (Driver and Seyfried), a young couple who pretty much do and have everything they want and act as freely as a twenty something couple should. The two couples end up hanging out and experience lots of comedic scenarios and life lessons.

The Review:
The idea behind this movie is pretty solid although the execution leaves a lot to be desired. None of the characters are believable and the story is more set up to put them in funny situations rather than to really drive the story forward. While this technique works in a movie that is meant to be straight up comedy, Baumbach's intention here is to give us deeper meaning by digging into topics and hoping the talented cast can actually do something with it. It doesn't work.

The Verdict:
While We're Young is a movie that I did not like and should be forgotten real soon by anyone who actually did choose to see it.


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