Monday, June 16, 2014

22 Jump Street - Movie Review

22 Jump Street brings back the unlikely duo of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum along with Ice Cube and Nick Offerman in their supporting roles. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller return to their duties as co-directors of a franchise that contains even more hilarious hi-jinks and undercover fun than ever before.

After the success of their first undercover operation Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) have seen less than stellar results in a more prominent role on the police force. After a few failures they are reassigned to the revamped and relocated (literally across the street!) 22 Jump Street program where they are sent back undercover to expose a drug ring, just like in the first movie, only this time they have been upgraded from a high school to MC State college.

This new mission puts the two at odds as they each find new friends and take different paths in trying to find who is responsible for spreading the "WyPhy" drug around campus. Jenko falls in with a group of frat buddies and joins the football team while Schmidt takes a liking to Maya, a beautiful art student, and thus begins a sort of dysfunctional relationship the two must resolve if they are going to solve the case.

To me, it was pretty evident that the cast and crew of this movie really enjoyed not only making fun of themselves, but also the fact that this movie even exists. From the beginning, there are jokes about sequels having nothing new to offer except for a bigger budget and more explosive action all happening while the movie shows off its bigger budget and more explosive action. The story is decent enough for what this movie is as it truly does rehash the first movie's plot except putting them in college instead of high school. What's important for this movie is how funny it is and, for my part, it scores high marks all the way around.

22 Jump Street is going to get serious consideration when it comes time to decide on my favorite comedies of the year so, if what you are looking for is a no brainer comedy that doesn't try to hide from its own silliness, then I would highly recommend you give this movie a try. Jonah Hill is his usual funny self and Channing Tatum...well, ladies, I'll let you fill in the blank on that one. Oh, and keep your eyes open for tons of cameos!


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