Thursday, June 27, 2013

100 Bloody Acres (SIFF 2013) - Movie Review

Every so often, a movie comes along that captures the world's attention and changes how movies are made forever. 100 Bloody Acres is not one of those movies. What you will get from this Australian independent film is a mixed bag of ingredients that includes humor, gore, scares, action, and even a little romance all of which might leave you a little soiled by the the time its all said and done.

Reg and Lindsay Morgan (Damon Herriman and Angus Sampson) are self professed small business operators who run a fertilizer making operation that utilizes a very special secret ingredient to put out a product that is unparalleled in the industry. Unfortunately, that ingredient is also illegal to obtain, as dead bodies usually are, but demand is high so the brothers must find a way to keep the grinders churning.

Sophie, James, and Wesley (Anna McGahan, Oliver Ackland, and Jamie Kristian) are three young friends out on the road heading to a music festival. After their car breaks down, they look for passing motorists to give them a hand, but find themselves in an unfortunate circumstance when Reg sees the helpless trio and has an idea for how they can help him and his brother get their business back on track.

If you need more of a setup than that, then you're missing the point of what type of movie this is. All you really need for this type of film to work is a group of young, good looking friends and a slightly (if not completely) crazed, or shall we say misunderstood, antagonist whose sole purpose is to end up hacking, slicing, chopping, shooting, and torturing the aforementioned youths. Throw in a creatively original story and a good dose of comedy and you've got a sure fire winning combination.

What I like best about this movie is how the creators know exactly what type of movie they are making and that self awareness allows them to just go all out in creating a crowd pleaser that isn't too worried about being critically acceptable. No, this won't play well in the finer movie houses, but its not meant to. This movie is destined to be a film festival favorite that will live on in midnight showings and home video viewings for a long time to come.

This is the first full length feature for Cameron Cairnes and Colin Cairnes, who shared writing and directing duties, and one can only hope they will continue to put out material that is as fresh and creative as this movie is. 100 Bloody Acres is an inspired piece of work that will have you gasping, cheering, screaming, and laughing from start to finish while leaving a trail of blood and bodies that will...well, I wouldn't want to be the one having to clean it all up.

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