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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pacific Rim Posters, Banners, and Trailers

Pacific Rim, in my humble opinion, is going to be the biggest movie of the summer and there is no shortage of marketing materials available to help drive home that point. We have gathered all of the major posters, banners, and a few trailers for your viewing pleasure.

I love the look of this film as the size and scale are unlike anything we have ever seen before on a movie screen. Yes, this movie basically boils down to robots fighting aliens, but you know what...these are gigantic freaking robots going to war against equally gigantic and awesome alien monsters. Did I mention that this movie has been put together and directed by the one and only Guillermo Del Toro?

Yeah, that was the Wondercon footage that was only supposed to be shown to attendees of that particular convention, but word spread fast, people started making demands, and Warner Brothers finally unleashed the two and a half minutes of awesome that got everyone even more geeked out about this movie. And yes, that giant robot just whacked the huge monster alien thing in the head with a freighter ship. ZOMG!!!

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