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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TwoOhSix Interviews (SIFF 2013) - "Last I Heard" Director Dave Rodriguez and Cast Members

Marc Morin of TwoOhSix.com interviews Last I Heard director Dave Rodriguez as well as cast members Renee Props, Andrea Nittoli, Andrea Nevado, Paul Ben-Victor, William DePaolo, and Mario Ruffo. This fine group of filmmakers was in Seattle for the world premiere of Last I Heard which took place on Saturday, June 8th at the SIFF Uptown Theater as part of the Seattle International Film Festival.

Marc covers a wide range of topics with the cast including how they each got involved with the project and working with a highly respected actor like Paul Sorvino. This is an audio recording of the interview, but relevant photos and captions have been added to help you follow along.

Thank you to the Seattle International Film Festival, The W Hotel, Cine Relevant, Fuzzy Productions, Nicole from PMK-BNC, and Flash the official cat of TwoOhSix.com. Thanks for joining us!

Andrea Navedo, Marc Morin, and Billy DePaolo after the interview.

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