Sunday, September 30, 2012

MIFFF Lineup Announced

What is MIFFF, you ask? The Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival is a locally produced showcase of films submitted from around the world and will be taking place October 5th-7th. The focus is on the horror, science fiction, fantasy, and animation genres and all films are screened at the SIFF Film Center and SIFF Cinema at the Uptown Theater. The organizers of this unique festival have recently announced the lineup of movies that will be a part this year's event including four premiers and two midnight shows!

For this blog post, I will give you some of the highlights from the list of festival screenings. If you want to see the full lineup, please visit the official MIFFF website by clicking HERE.

Alter Egos -Seattle Premiere

Director: Jordan Galland, 80 Minutes USA

Actors: Kris Lemche, Brooke Nevin and Joey Kern    

Alter Egos is a comedy about a superhero in the midst of an identity crisis who is summoned by his partner on a mysterious mission to an off-season resort, where revenge, duplicity and romance collide

Director: Jonah D. Ansell - Animation - 7 Minutes - USA

A CADAVER wakes up to say a last goodbye to his wife,! but discovers a truth in death he didn't know in life!


Director: Eros Romero - Horror - 14 Minutes - Austraila

The demented song of a demon-possessed girl echoes around the decrepit dwelling where she holds two clowns hostage.There is no escape and no reasoning with her, the only way to break free of this nightmare is to somehow make her laugh, just like a good clown should. Unfortunately, the only thing Dorothy finds funny is blood, terror and despair.

Leyenda (Legend)

Director: Pan Teixidor - Horror - 15 Minutes - Spain

Claudia, a ten-year-old girl, leaves with her family to spend the weekend out of town. During their car trip, they decide to take a short rest at an abandoned gas station. The appearance of a strange woman will reveal her true fate to Claudia.

Lost Memories

Director: Francois Ferracci - Sci-Fi - 3 Minutes - France

"Paris, 2020. A beautiful couple, a city over-saturated by holograms and digital stream. A polaroid camera. Tomorrow will never be the same."

Mon Ami
 -West Coast Premiere

Director: Rob Grant, 93 Minutes Canada
Actors: Scott Wallis, Mike Kovac, Chelsey Reist, Len Harvey

Two friends try executing their 'get-rich-quick' plan by kidnapping their boss's daughter and holding her for ransom.  But when the plan falls apart, they must scramble to fix the situation and repair their friendship.

Director: Cole Drumb - Animation - 6 Minutes - USA      

Set in an adrenalized future of espionage, assassins, and out of control super science, PostHuman follows a genius hacker and his dog as they help an enigmatic young woman to free the remaining test subject of a black ops ESP test lab.

The Last Photo
Director: Lissa Pascale - Sci-Fi - 8 Minutes - Austrailia

The Last Photo follows a young girl's desperate search for her soldier father through a land torn apart by war.

Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the weekend's festivities.

For more info and to purchase tickets and festival passes CLICK HERE.

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