Thursday, December 10, 2020

Parallel - Movie Review

The Movie: Parallel

The Director: Isaac Ezban

The Cast: Martin Wallstrom, Georgia King, Aml Ameen, Mark O'Brien, Alyssa Diaz, Shannon Chan-Kent, Kathleen Quinlan

The Story: A group of friends stumble upon a mirror that serves as a portal to a "multiverse", but soon discover that importing knowledge from the other side in order to better their lives brings increasingly dangerous consequences.

The Review:
I really like the concept for this movie, it's sort of a Christopher Nolan meets Jumanji kind of idea although I'm not as much of a fan of the execution of the movie as the final product doesn't really fit the vibe I was hoping for. I can see where the filmmakers were going by creating a sci-fi crime thriller although I think when your story kicks off with the discovery of a magic mirror, a more light hearted and fun approach might have provided a better payoff. I don't know, for what the movie is trying to be, there was just too many things that didn't make sense and a lot of stuff that was just wrapped without much thought.

Okay, I have to give one more gripe here while I'm at it and that's only because I am from Washington and I have lived in Seattle for many years so I know when a movie claims to be set here yet uses Vancouver to film the movie. I will say this in no way detracts from the story and it's me not the movie so please feel free to enjoy all the stock footage of the Seattle skyline and standard landmarks, it's just something I had to mention.

The last time I saw Georgia King was in a super fun UK zombie movie called Cockneys vs Zombies and after watching her in this film, I feel like she is definitely someone to look out for. For me, she really was the lead in the movie and her character probably had the most interesting arc since she impacts and is impacted by just about everyone in some form or fashion. The rest of the cast is solid and are pretty standard characters so no real complaints other than there's not much in the way of development and who they are only gets more confusing as the alternate realities come more and more into play.

The Verdict:
Parallel is a decent attempt at exploring the dangers of alternate realities, I just wish it had been more fun instead of going for a 90's style crime thriller vibe.

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