Sunday, August 11, 2019

ECCO - Indie Film Spotlight

The Movie: ECCO

The Director: Ben Medina

The Cast: Lathrop Walker, Tabitha Bastien, Helena Grace Donald

The Story: A former assassin living a new life in the shadows with his family emerges from hiding to discover the origin of his lethal beginnings.

Hey everyone, I am here to tell you about a locally made independent movie that has just hit theaters across the nation and I feel like it's one we should all go out and support. Ben Medina and Lathrop Walker, both Washington natives, have been working on this movie for about three years and the end result is a really unique twist on the spy thriller and one that shows off the beauty of our home state like nothing I've ever seen before.

The cinematography is stunningly beautiful with shooting locations like Ballard, Skagit County, and Tacoma providing some breathtaking backdrops for the story to live in. Yes, this is a spy thriller but it's seriously not like anything you've seen before. It is a very deliberate and thoughtful story that is heavy on dialog and exposition but still gives you some of that spy versus spy action that you're looking for from the genre.

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