Friday, January 26, 2018

2018 Slamdance Film Festival Recap

This was my first year covering the Slamdance Film Festival and was really impressed with the quality of the films I was able to see and with how well the whole thing was run from start to finish. My final tally for the seven day festival was eight movies including five feature narrative films, two short films, and one feature documentary but only one would earn the title of TwoOhSix Festival Favorite.

2018 Slamdance Reviews

Fake Tattoos may end up being one of my favorite movies of 2018. It's that good. It is so well made and it just hit me at the core of why I love watching movies. - Full Review

The work she does in this film is really impressive and her honesty with this character gave me a sense that it was a very important role for her to play. I would say her character has the most to deal with emotionally from beginning to end and she handles it all quite beautifully. - Full Review

The 24th Slamdance Film Festival presented by DGA announced the feature and short film recipients of this year’s Sparky Awards in the Audience, Jury, and Sponsored Categories. The festival also announced the recipients of three new awards: The Russo Brothers Fellowship, the CreativeFuture Innovation Award, and a curated Acting Award. The award winners were announced this evening at the festival’s annual Awards Ceremony at the Treasure Mountain Inn in Park City, UT.

Jury Awards | Narrative Features
Narrative Feature Grand Jury Prize - Rock Steady Row (Dir.: Trevor Stevens)
Honorable Mentions: Fake Tattoos (Dir.: Pascal Plante) and Lovers (Dir.: Niels Holstein Kaa)

Jury Awards | Documentary Features, Documentary Shorts
Documentary Feature Grand Jury Prize - Mr. Fish: Cartooning From The Deep End (Dir.: Pablo Bryant)
Honorable Mention - MexMan (Dir.: Josh Polon)

Documentary Short Grand Jury Prize - Nueva Vida (Dir.: Jonathan Seligson)
Honorable Mention: The Last Man You Meet (Dir.: Chris Bone)

Jury Awards - Narrative Shorts
Narrative Shorts Grand Jury Prize: Rupture (Dir.: Yassmina Karajah)
Honorable Mention: Goodbye, Brooklyn (Dir.: Daniel Jaffe)

Jury Awards - Experimental Shorts/ Animated Shorts
Experimental Shorts Grand Jury Prize: Are You Tired Of Forever? (Dir.:  Caitlin Craggs)
Honorable Mention: Silica (Dir.: Pia Borg)

Animated Shorts Grand Jury Prize: Interstitial (Dir.: Shunsaku Hayashi)
Honorable Mention: Satellite Strangers (Dir.: James Bascara)

Slamdance Acting Award:
Rhaechyl Walker (My Name is Myeisha)

Spirit of Slamdance Award Winner:
Wendy McColm (Dir. of Birds Without Feathers)

CreativeFuture Innovation Award
Railment (Dir.: Shunsaku Hayashi)

The Russo Brothers Fellowship Award Winner
Rupture (Dir.: Yassmina Karajah)

Audience Awards:
Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature:  Rock Steady Row (Dir.: Trevor Stevens)
Runner up: Charlie And Hannah's Grand Night Out (Dir.: Bert Scholiers)

Audience Award for Documentary Feature: Freedom For The Wolf (Dir.: Rupert Russell)
Runner up: MexMan (Dir.: Josh Polon)

Audience Award for Beyond Feature: My Name Is Myeisha (Dir.: Gus Krieger)
Runner up: Funny Story (Dir.: Michael Gallagher)

Slamdance is a community, a year-round experience, and a statement. Established in 1995 by a wild bunch of filmmakers who were tired of relying on a large, oblique system to showcase their work, Slamdance has proven, year after year, that when it comes to recognizing talent and launching careers, independent and grassroots communities can do it themselves.

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