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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Getaway - Movie Review

Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez race onto the silver screen in Getaway, a movie filled with car chases, explosions, and a captivating race against time. Director and producer Courtney Solomon crashes onto the scene with his most ambitious project yet.

Former race car driver Brent Magna (Hawke) arrives home to find his wife has gone missing and their apartment has been torn apart. What he discovers next is a scheme to force him into committing crimes on behalf of a mysterious villain who only communicates with him via Brent's cell phone and the communications system installed in a car that Brent is told to steal. This is definitely not how Brent thought he would be spending the rest of his night.

To make matters worse, he is told to take a young girl (Gomez) hostage who turns out to be the original owner of the car although she had nothing to do with more recent modifications like cameras installations and armored reinforcements. With Mrs Magna's very existence hanging in the balance, the uneasy duo begin completing tasks that mostly involve supercharged high speed car chases where police cars keep piling up and pedestrians are sent scrambling for their lives. Meanwhile, Magna and his young companion are trying to figure out who is behind this scheme so they can try and figure out how to put a stop to it before their own usefulness comes to an end.

Sometimes a movie comes along where the creators aren't concerned as much with finer details and subtle nuances as much as just throwing a bunch of action on the screen for viewers to dive into. If you care to pay attention to those types of things, you will not like this movie at all. There are plot holes galore, bad acting, and stunt sequences that, while exciting, don't make a whole lot of sense. There is even a city wide power outage that is supposed to be integral to the plot, but is totally forgotten about a little bit later on in the film.

My recommendation would be to hit the off switch on your internal logic button at the same time you hit play on your preferred home video device. This is the best way to enjoy a movie that only cares about explosions, fast cars, and more explosions along with even faster cars. Actually its one fast car and an endless supply of disposable cop cards. I can't say I hated this movie, but it really didn't do anything more than provide a few ooh's and aah's which were then quickly forgotten about because I had no vested interest in what was going on.


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