Monday, January 21, 2013

2012 Movie Events: Year in Review

2012 was our first full of coordinating movie premier events and man, did we have a great time! From standing in the pouring rain waiting for The Avengers midnight premier to catching some classic science fiction films like Ghostbusters and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the one and only Cinerama theater in downtown Seattle became our base of operations and provider of some truly memorable experiences.

As the Cinerama announced each film they would be showing, our expert staff of event coordinators (see: me!) would swing in to action by creating event pages on Facebook and the website thus enabling all of our friends and followers the chance to join together for these exciting nights of movie awesomeness.

Without officially coordinating the events with the Cinerama staff, we were still able to get people lined up and in the door with plenty of time to acquire a good chuck of seats for each premier we went to. Sometimes it was a 7:00pm show the first available night, and for the really big ones, we camped out for the midnight premiers! The first movie event of 2012 was none other than The Hunger Games which turned out to be quite the big deal and from there the events just got bigger and bigger.

Click the text below each movie banner and you will be taken to the event page which has more info on the night's festivities. You will also have access to the corresponding Facebook event pages.

We would also like to thank the management and staff at Wasabi Bistro for hosting the pre-funk portion of several of these events.

Thank you to everyone that has had a chance to enjoy these nights with us, we look forward to seeing you during our 2013 movie events!

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