Friday, November 26, 2021

Double Walker - Movie Review

The Movie: Double Walker

The Director: Colin West

The Cast: Sylvie Mix , Maika Carter, Quinn Armstrong, Justin Rose, Tina Matthews

The Story: A young woman's ghost investigates the mysterious events that led to her own murder.

The Review:
Sylvie Mix is all of a sudden a rising star on the indie scene with her feature debut in Poser and now this movie, both of which benefit greatly from her involvement. This time around not only does she star in the movie, but she also wrote the story and is listed as the producer so we definitely have a multi talented filmmaker hitting the ground running. One of the things that caught my attention about this movie is the unique story concept of a ghost having to choose between one having one last day of redemption or to remain eternally only being seen by believers and sinners.

Wrapped into the paranormal aspect of the movie is a crime thriller where Sylvie's ghost character tries to unravel the mystery of her untimely death as a little girl. The way the story plays out turned out to be quite unexpected and lead to a very satisfying conclusion because it wasn't a run of the mill finish and made me think about mortality and how we perceive others. I think this is where Mix's writing, and acting for that matter, is strongest as she stays away from conventional tactics in lieu of providing intrigue and thought provoking concepts.

Visually, the movie has a sort of ethereal quality which of course matches the material and it definitely keeps it's indie vibe by staying very intimate and personal. I also like the fact that the movie defies any sort of labelling. it's kind of a horror movie but it's much more than that with the added crime thriller aspects coming into play. That being said, there are plenty of bloody moments to keep genre fans happy and Mix goes all in as a killer who takes out her victims in a similar way to Carey Mulligan's character in Promising Young Woman. I think there are a lot of similarities between the two characters, but their stories are told in very different ways.

The Verdict:
Double Walker doubles down with a double dose of paranormal activity and bloody revenge. Filmmaker and star Sylvie Mix is proving herself to be more than capable of creating quality content and I can't wait to see what she will do next.

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