Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Bad Detectives - Move Review

The Movie: Bad Detectives

The Director: Presley Paras

The Cast: Dralla Aierken, Freya Tingley, Jim Meskimen, Paul Rae, Caylee Cowan

The Story: Two young women inherit their grandfather's detective agency and reluctantly team up to solve their murders.

The Review:
Director Presley Paras puts a new twist on the classic buddy cop, or in this case buddy detective, story by giving the ladies a chance to shine in what I'll say is a pretty fun and quirky movie. The thing I like most about the story, which was written by Chris Johnson, is that the two female leads, played by Freya Tingley and Dralla Aierken, are given an opportunity to be fully realized human beings who each have their own story and are in no way dependent on male counterparts to be authority figures, love interests, or any other typical thing one might expect.

Tingley and Aierken each bring very distinct personalities to their characters that mesh well with each other while also effectively being in opposition. The way their duo interact with each other really is the highlight of the movie and it would be interesting to see how their tenuous and teetering partnership would develop as their stories unfold after what we get to see in this film. Overall, this is a fun movie that accomplishes exactly what it is trying to be and is a nice step forward in terms of female representation in these types of stories.

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