Friday, September 8, 2017

Second Nature - Movie Review

The Movie: Second Nature

The Director: Michael Cross

The Cast: Collette Wolfe, Sam Huntington, Carollani Sandberg, Riley Shanahan, Carolyn Cox

The Story: A woman and man compete in an unusual race for mayor when gender roles magically reverse.

The Review:
Well, hello there locally made indie film, what a nice surprise! Michael Cross, who is a Seattle based film maker and a member of Women in Film/Seattle and IFP/Seattle, chose to film his debut feature in Ellensburg, a small town in Central Washington. The scenery is beautiful in this part of the state and made for some stunning cinematic shots which provided an incredible backdrop for this fun little story. Leading the way in front of the camera are Collette Wolfe and Sam Huntington who clearly had a great time working together on this project.

Aside from their performances, I really enjoyed this refreshing take on the classic gender swap comedy. Instead of the two primary characters switching gender roles, it was everyone else in the town so, thanks to some mirror produced magic, women became the dominant sex and men were left to suffer the trappings of inequality. There's a lot of message in the story, but it never gets heavy handed which is good although I feel like a little more emotional punch would have helped to make more of an impact.

The Verdict:
Second Nature is a fun movie that accomplishes what it sets out to do and is a great first effort from director Michael Cross. In the Seattle area, this film will be available to watch at the Ark Lodge Cinemas from September 8th through the 14th and then will be available on demand beginning September 19th.

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