Monday, November 16, 2015

2015 Seattle Shorts Film Festival Recap

Wow, what a weekend of amazing films! The 2015 Seattle Shorts Film Festival is definitely becoming one of the can't miss festivals of the Pacific Northwest and I had a great time watching as many of the films as I could that were available over the two days of sold out programming.

After watching a total of 14 films, I have selected four that really stood out including one particularly entertaining film which has earned the title of...

TwoOhSix Festival Favorite

"This is what super hero movies are all about!"

Honorable Mention

The Adept - "Leaves you desperately wanting to know what happens next."
Breathe - "Fills every moment with tension and drama."
The Apple Tree - "You come away feeling inspired."

See below for links to reviews for all of the films I watched during the festival as well as my interview with festival jury member and actress, the one and only Shannon Maree Walsh.

CLICK HERE for Part 1 of my "Preview Reviews".
CLICK HERE for Part 2 of my "Preview Reviews".
CLICK HERE for Part 3 of my "Preview Reviews".
CLICK HERE for Part 4 of my "Preview Reviews".

Thanks for checking out my 2015 recap and hopefully we'll see you at next year's Seattle Shorts Film Festival! Also, stay tuned for more festival and convention coverage including the Hawaii International Film Festival and the Emerald City Comicon!


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