Saturday, April 27, 2013

LootCrate Unboxing: Episode One

Hello loyal readers! Welcome to the debut post and first edition of my very own Loot Crate unboxing web series! If you have no idea what a Loot Crate is, then be prepared to sit back in awe and amazement of the sheer awesomeness of what you are now about to experience.

To help you learn what Loot Crate is, here is a statement from the LootCrate Facebook page: "We are a monthly subscription that delivers crates of awesome to geeks and gamers. Every month is different!".

Want your very own Loot Crate delivered monthly right to your doorstep? To see exactly how it works, check out for all the "geektastic" and "nerderific" details. (Yes, I just made those words up)

Now that you know what Loot Crate is all about and maybe you've even signed up for your own, I now present to you a series of photos taken during my first ever unboxing. The wonder and magic of this historic unboxing event was even too much for my cat Flash to ignore.

There you have it, the first ever Loot Crate unboxing! Thanks for spending your valuable time with me and Flash and keep an eye out next month for LootCrate Unboxing: Episode Two.

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