Tuesday, October 13, 2020

TwoOhSix Podcast - S02/E06 - New Directions in Film with Van Ditthavong

Welcome to New Directions in Film, a TwoOhSix Podcast Series.

Season 02, Episode 06 featuring director Van Ditthavong

Van Ditthavong is a director, a teacher, a producer, a business man, and just about any other title you can think of for someone who is all about their business. Born in Laos and raised in the US, Van has built an impressive resume even before releasing All Roads to Pearla, his first narrative feature film and I see nothing but success in his future. The New Directions In Film podcast series features interviews with directors about their latest projects and also about how both the pandemic and the recent protests have changed what it means to make movies.

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Where to find Van Ditthavong

This is the final episode of the New Directions in Film interview series although definitely not the end of the podcast. Thank you so much for listening! Also, special thank you to Isabel Sandoval, Bao Tran, Diane Paragas, Nick Naveda, So Yun Um, and Van Ditthavong for being part of this interview series.

All episodes of this interview series as well as the Diversity in Film series are always available on the podcast so feel free to check out any you may have missed or any you want to listen to again. Coming up next, I’ll be posting some flashback interviews from the Seattle International Film Festival so watch for those during the month of November.

Season three of the TwoOhSix.com interview series is currently in the planning stages so stay tuned. More details will be coming soon! Please subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss out on any future episodes and if you can spare a couple minutes to leave a review, I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you for listening to the TwoOhSix.com podcast!

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